A Story of American Heroism
and Sacrifice in Southern France
Jeff Danby
Select Bibliography:

Listed below are a series of books, articles, and newsreels recommended by the author
for those desiring to learn more about the Allied campaign for southern France...

Books that feature the Southern France Campaign:

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Books with further details on the Southern France Campaign:

Esposito, Cheryl. The 756th Tank Battalion in the European Theatre. Privately printed,
Grossjohann, Georg.
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Privately printed, Early 1990s. Photocopied. (This book is a fairly straightforward
transcription of the 15th Infantry Regiment’s unpublished 1945 collaborative historical
Messenger, Charles.
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Morison, Samuel Eliot.  
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Pamphlets and articles on the Southern France Campaign:

Clarke, Jeffrey J.  Southern France. The U.S. Army Campaigns of World War II series
CMH Pub 72-31

Ganz, A. Harding.
“The 11th Panzers in the Defense, 1944” Armor Magazine, March-
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Motion Pictures/Newsreels on the Southern France Campaign:
Invasion of Riviera; Invasion of Southern France. 1944. Pathé Films newsreels
downloaded via Internet from the website: (Each film is 3 to 4

Operation: Dragoon—The Allied Invasion of the South of France. Los Angeles, CA:
OnDeck Home Entertainment, 30 min. 1996. Videocassette.

U.S. Army Signal Corps and U.S. Navy movies kept at the National Archives in College
Park, Maryland:
3rd Division pushes on Montelimar France; Invasion Southern France,
Bay of Pampelonne; Celebration of Liberation, Marseilles France; French rebuild
bridge near Avignon, France; 3rd Division push Le Ganet; 15th Inf. Reg activities at
camp; Riviera landings; U.S. troops advance inland; Southern France missions Twelfth
Air Force; Expansion of Southern France Beachhead;

(Film reels taken in August 1944 and vary in length from a few minutes to 12 minutes.)